When you are going to start a business to sell goods or to provide services, you must need a comprehensive terms and condition document to deal with your customers. These set of terms are also known as trade terms. Business terms and conditions document is a contract between you and your customer. The document protects your rights, limits your liabilities and provides you with some security when you sell goods or provide a service. The terms document affirms the legal rights of the parties, so that either can sue the other in court for a breach of these terms. Most of businesses have been involved in litigation due to use of verbal or informal agreements. You will hope of course, that by setting out your terms precisely, you will never be in dispute!

Purpose of terms and conditions

Their purpose is:• To set out what you have agreed;
• To dines the rights of each parties;
• To limit the your liability;
• To define trade procedure etc

What must be included in the terms and condition?

You must include:
Subject matter of contract

You must describe what you are going to sell. You must provide the detail of business in a detailed manner. You can refer your customer to such a document that describes the details of your business.


You must provide the information about the price and variation in the price. The price is variable and can be from time to time. So therefore, you must let the customer about this fact. You can ask the customer to check the price list time to time.

Modes of payment

You must describe the acceptable modes of payment. It will help the customer to know that whether you will accept the payment through check or bank transfer, etc.

Cost of delivery

You must provide the information about the charges of delivery. You can also describe whether the price of the goods includes the delivery charges or not. This will provide the clear picture to the customer about the price and delivery charges.

Cancellation of the order

You must provide the time period how long the offer will remain valid if the customer did pay in time. You must provide the time period under which customer can terminate the order. You must provide the information, whether the customer can terminate the order after the delivery of the goods.

Limitation of liability

You must provide the limit of your liability. You are no longer liable for the force majeure acts. You must provide the limit of your liability when the goods are declared defective? You must also provide the time period for making the claims.

Dispute resolution

You must incorporate the dispute resolution paragraph. This paragraph will enable the both parties to settle their disputes through arbitration.


This will help the customer to know under which law this agreement will be governed. In Australia, each state has its own laws. You must include that this agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with laws of Australia and state.

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A well drafted and comprehensive written terms and condition will not only avoid legal disputes but also promote the business.

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